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TimeTap Tool Tips: Automated Messaging Triggers

Starr Campbell

Maintaining an open line of communication with your clients keeps your business steady on the path to success. A company with a small team may be able to stay on top of appointment reminders and cancellations, but email management can quickly become more complex.

Automated messaging simplifies time consuming tasks that are at risk of human error. For example, if you treat physical therapy patients who have completed rehabilitation but need to be seen again in six months, will your receptionists be able to contact everyone and successfully book their next appointment?

It takes valuable time for front desk staff to manually send emails or leave voicemails to encourage clients to book another appointment. Even though it’s a common way to execute client outreach, automating this process can free hours of time for your team and present clients with a faster option for scheduling.

TimeTap’s automated messaging triggers feature helps businesses communicate vital scheduling information without taking time away from other daily responsibilities. Inform clients of appointment status changes, guide them on the next steps, or create an automatic thank you email. Whatever you need to say, TimeTap gets the message across with automated texts and emails sent where, when, and how you decide.

Scheduling updates

If something comes up that affects their appointment, letting your client know should be the first priority. If a member of your team gets sick over the weekend it’s best to automatically notify their appointments for the upcoming week. You can create an email trigger that sends when a staff member calls out, apologizing for the inconvenience and prompting clients to book again. Depending on the service clients can then choose to book with another provider at the same location, reschedule for a future date, or cancel.

You can also update your clients on the status of their appointment or remind them that it’s coming up. For companies that require intake paperwork, you can use this email to ask clients for any documents they didn’t upload during the booking process.

Drip messages

Organizations need drip campaigns for a variety of reasons, but they all have the same end goal – encouraging clients to book another service. With the right messaging and intervals set, these emails can also be used to guide clients through the next step in their journey with your business. Companies that offer courses use TimeTap’s recall campaign feature to promote and direct students to the next tier of classes.

Service based businesses can also use recall campaigns as a tool to help retain clients. Reaching out to schedule an annual checkup can be tedious since most people tend to procrastinate if there isn’t an immediate need to come in. Instead of relying on front desk staff to make phone calls and basic calendar tools to organize your efforts, create a recall campaign that can handle it for you. With the help of a self-scheduling page, the entire booking process can be automated and tailored to any business.

Customize templates

TimeTap customers automatically have access to messaging templates in their dashboard. To view them, navigate to Messaging and select Appointment Templates. From appointment reminder texts to wait list confirmation emails, you can choose from the list of templates to modify and make your own.

Client to staff communication templates are available for use in the event of changes made to an appointment from the client side, reminders for an upcoming appointment, or notifications if clients have been added to a staff member’s waitlist.

Personalize staff templates with reminders to prepare questions or process paperwork before an appointment starts. Make sure to save new templates under an easily identifiable name in case you need to edit or disable the email at any point.

TimeTap gives business owners complete control over messaging campaign triggers for clients and staff communication. Automate scheduling notifications, improve client outreach, and support your team with a powerful scheduling tool.

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